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Basic Info.
Kanji セフィロス
Romanji Sefirosu
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Height 6' 1" (185 cm)
Weight Unknown
Eyes Green
Hair Silver
Weapon of Choice Longswords (Masamune)
Alias The Man in the Black Cape,The Legendary SOLDIER

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"Tell me what you cherish most. Give me the pleasure of taking it away."

"The last thoughts of Geostigma's death... those remnants will join the lifestream and girdle the planet; choking it; corroding it. What I want, Cloud, is to sail the cosmos with this planet as my vessel. Just as Mother did long ago. then one day we'll find a new planet and on it's soil we'll create a shining future."

"I've thought of a wonderful present for you... Shall I give you despair?"

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Sephiroth| 27 | Ex Soldier
"I will never be a memory..."

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My name is Sephiroth,
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I used to be part of the First Class SOLDIER group in Shinra's army. The best of the best. However, one day I stumbled on Professor Gast Faremis' research. I found the truth of my lineage. I am the son of an Ancient named Jenova, and I swear one day I will use this planet as my vessel to sail the cosmos in search of the Promised Land. There, I will create a new where I shall be rightfully placed as God along side with my mother. Until then, feel free to ask me questions about anything. I guess I can be generous enough to give you all that much.
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Sephiroth, in all his appearances, wears a long black coat with silver pauldrons, black boots and black clothing. The top of his clothing is open to reveal his chest, with his leather SOLDIER suspenders crossed over it. Sephiroth's hair is long and silver with his bangs parted to either side of his face. In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Sephiroth's bangs are noticeably shorter than in any of his earlier appearances. Beyond his clothing and hair, Sephiroth is known for his green cat-like eyes and the Masamune, his seven-foot long katana he is rarely seen without. His battle stance with the sword is to hold it over his left shoulder with the blade curving downward. Sephiroth usually wields the Masamune two-handed. In later appearances a single black wing emerges from his right shoulder.
In the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth's uniform remains the same as in Final Fantasy VII, but his coat has several buckles instead of just one, and the original SOLDIER logo in his belt is replaced with the redesigned version of the logo for the Compilation.

In the Kingdom Hearts series, Sephiroth retains his core design of silver hair and a black coat, but his clothing is given red linings and is a different shape. His sleeves have small red wings, and he bears a dark blue and black wing over his right shoulder, which has become another of Sephiroth's trademark character traits. He bears two additional wings underneath his coat in Kingdom Hearts II, acting as a subtle reference to his Safer-Sephiroth form. Unlike his other appearances, he appears with blue eyes, and it is commented by other characters that Sephiroth looks like Cloud, as the Kingdom Hearts incarnation of Sephiroth is implied to be an embodiment of Cloud's inner darkness. In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Sephiroth's design is similar to his Final Fantasy VII design, but his pauldrons are changed to resemble Yoshitaka Amano's artwork and his coat is closed by a belt as in Tetsuya Nomura's design.
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Sephiroth's personality is one of cold ruthlessness. Prior to his madness, he was not particularly anti-social, as he has friends in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- and willingly tells Zack, and Tifa about Mako and Materia on Mt. Nibel. All the same, his cold exterior and professional attitude turn people away. Sephiroth is intelligent and respectful to those he deems worthy - he considers Professor Gast Faremis a great scientist, but looks down on his father, Professor Hojo, describing him as "a walking mass of complexes".
In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Sephiroth maintains an outwardly professional demeanor, but is loyal and friendly to a select few, and has a dry sense of humor. He is confident to the point of arrogance, but as the strongest SOLDIER alive, it could easily be argued he has the right to be. Well-spoken and somewhat graceful, Sephiroth is universally calm, collected, and in control. He can be frustrated and caught off guard, but this rarely happens.

Following his fall into insanity, Sephiroth retains most of the above personality traits, but becomes murderous and vengeful. He also develops a messiah complex, proclaiming several times he is "the chosen one," destined to lead the Planet and become a god. In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Kefka sarcastically refers to him as "Just another sadist with a god complex. Like THAT'S anything special!" His intelligence has increased vastly following his time in the Lifestream where he absorbed the knowledge of the Ancients.

At one point, Sephiroth even says he is greater than the Ancients. He has become cruel and enjoys mentally torturing Cloud. In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, in one of his iconic lines, asks Cloud what he cherishes so he may simply take it from him. Sephiroth is fiercely devoted to Jenova and its cause, even though its body serves as little more than his avatar. However, it is also stated that he himself is an agent towards Jenova's will.[5]

In Dissidia Final Fantasy, there was at least one hint that Sephiroth may have some sadness despite his nature, as Cecil Harvey tells Sephiroth before fighting him that "there is sorrow in [Sephiroth's] wintery eyes". In addition, in both Dissidia games, when he is defeated, he calmly remarks, "I fall into the shadows", implying that either he accepts defeat, or simply does not care. When he was defeated by the Warrior of Light, he asks if the Warrior of Light fights in the war because he enjoys battle, implying that Sephiroth himself enjoys battle. This was further reinforced in its prequel, Dissidia 012, when Kefka Palazzo, while attempting to convince Sephiroth into killing Tifa and then Cloud if he attacks, mentions that "[Sephiroth] was made for combat."

In the Japanese releases, Sephiroth uses the pronoun "ore" prior to his insanity, a common masculine pronoun usually used by confident males. Following his "death" at Nibelheim he begins to use "watashi" instead, a more formal pronoun with no attached gender. This post-madness mannerism is also used in his spin-off appearances such as Dissidia Final Fantasy.

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